Plastic pollution effect all the humans, animals, natural environment & earth very badly.Overuse of plastic is the main cause of plastic pollution as cheap and widely available, people frequently dispose of plastic items in trash which does not decompose for many years. Not only does plastic cause damage to the land, ocean, rivers, lakes but it also can damage groundwater sources.

Many animals ingest plastic bags mistaking them for food and therefore they die, These plastic bags remain intact even after death and decomposition of the animal. Some of the constituents of plastic such as benzene are known to cause cancer. Plastic resins themselves are flammable and have contributed considerably to several accidents worldwide.

Once plastic is produced, the harm is done for ever. Plastic defies any kind of attempt at disposal – be it through recycling, burning or landfilling.

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40% of plastic is single used and discarded
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Only 8% of plastic used in packaging is recycled
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As high as 80% of total plastic used is discarded

Plastic endangers life of domestic animals

Plastic is a threat to existence of marine life

The GREEN MANEUVER advantage

  • Compostable bags are being made from natural ingredients & 100% earth friendly material.
  • Unlike standard plastic, Compostable bags are made of vegetable matter such as corn, wheat or potato starch. A natural polymer obtained from these material.
  • After use, when this bag comes into contact with soil in the presence of micro-organisms & humidity, it breaks down into compost and acts as fertilizers. The estimated time to decompose is 3 to 9 months
  • By using compostable bags, you are saving the environment.
  • Unlike regular plastics, compostable bags will not emit carbon while manufacturing. So it is 100% environmental safe
  • Compostable bags are completely safe and does not contain any chemicals or toxins
  • Compostable bags decomposes quickly so that it is safe for wild life and aids in growth of plants
  • Compostable bags are created from domestic biomass materials, so it reduces the dependence on foreign oil, providing a domestic solution instead